Bloodscribe - Prologue to the Apocalypse

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After 10 years of performing and developing their sound, Los Angeles hard-hitters BLOODSCRIBE, graces their fans with their long anticipated debut album "Prologue to the Apocalypse". Blending multiple sub genres of Death Metal, BLOODSCRIBE has assembled a unique tone that can easily be described as a destructive "in your face" sound; easily enjoyable for all extreme music lovers.

Featuring album art by Indonesian illustrator Mondo Borneo, "Prologue to the Apocalypse was recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Garcia at the Morgue Music Studio (Stages of Decomposition) in Los Angeles CA.

Album housed in killer digipak!

1. Into
2. Pantheon Of Lies
3. Enslaved By Deceptions
4. Burning Bridges
5. Demons
6. Annihilation
7. Kingdoms Fall
8. Shadows
9. Castrating Humanity
10. In Ruins