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Cesspool of Corruption - Requiems of the Ignominious (Shirt)

100% Cotton Shirt - Full Color Print

Texas Melo-Tech Force, Cesspool of Corruption, return with their highly anticipated full-length album, ‘Requiems of the Ignominious’. The album comes 5 years after the bands self-released EP, ‘Eradication of the Subservient’ (which was officially reissued in 2020). ‘Requiems…’ showcases a further refined and progressive sound, that Cesspool of Corruption likes to consider identifiable to their musical offering.

Featuring album art by Justin Abraham (Inanimate Existence, Lecherous Nocturne, Virulent Depravity), ‘Requiems of the Ignominious’ was recorded by Sam Paquette at S.A.M Studios. It was also Reamped, Mixed and Mastered by Nick Weyers and Marc Birr at Carp Town Studios.

Insidious Inheritance
Lurking Beyond the Veil
Disfigurement of Idolization
Breeding Our Demise
Apparitions of Malevolence
A Hollow Existence
Consuming the Diminished
Requiems of The Ignominious