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Relics of Humanity - Decade Ov Desacralization


In celebration of a monstrous decade, the Belarus Powerhouse Relics of Humanity is set to release ‘Decade Ov Desacralization’. A collective compilation of self-released Demo/Promo tracks. This release features 10 tracks recorded between 2007-2017; including 2 never released recordings and the latest single, “Stench Of Burning Heavens”. Additionally, it includes 2 bonus live tracks from Relics of Humanity’s forthcoming DVD. Featuring album art by Jon Zig (Disgorge, Severed Savior, Suffocation), ‘Decade Ov Desacralization’ brings you into the belly of the Minsk-based Beast. Surrender and wish for eternal damnation.

Track List:
1. Desacralization
2. Stench of Burning Heavens
3. Legion of The Unbowed
4. There Is No Salvation in Divine Eyes
5. Progression of Suffering
6. Fusion of Parallel Forms
7. Pray for Obscurity
8. Channeling Dark Entities
9. Habitual Devourment
10. Mutilate…
11. Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible (Live Bonus Track)
12. Dimensions of Hatred (Live Bonus Track)