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Big Toe -


Big Toe -

Comp features all previous recordings as well as the new track, Babysitter.

Tracklisting for

1. Babysitter
2. Who Needs a Economy Anyway?
3. Racial Harmony Crossover Metal
4. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
5. All he Wants for Christmas is your Two Front Teeth
6. Welcome to my Crib
7. Santa vs. Jesus (The Final Christmas)
8. Rise of the Terror Sexer
9. Supercalorificbiscuitespeciallydelicious
10. Where the Bloody Hell's Jesus Got To?
11. Dining on a Gentleman's Pan-fried Testes
12. Hyperblast-Beated to Death With a Drums
13. Put It Up a Womb
14. Oops, I Shot an Oddball
15. Now That's What I Call Raping
16. To Catch a Killer in a Sack

Limited to 300 Copies.