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Cerebral Engorgement - Gastrointestinal Bleeding


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Third studio album by Bay Area Slammers, CEREBRAL ENGORGEMENT. Originally released in 2014, the album has been out of press until now. The album showcases the bands evolution into a more extreme realm, while continuing to prove that you can have fun while playing heavy music. The album became an important staple for the uprising of the “Slam” trend, and continues to hold the title of being one of the greatest Slamming Death Metal albums of its time.

Shitnami Shitstorm
Cryptosporidial Ejacuthon
Double Penetrated At The Dinner Table
Putrid Insectoid Fuckification
Crimsom Cum
Tri-Phallic Pevlic Thrust-O-Tron
Yeasty Wide-Mouthed Vagiplex
Electrocauterized Ass Tube
Slurpee Full Of Herpes
Zoonotic S.T.D