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Cheerleader Concubine - Tentacle Induced Instestinal Displacement

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Reissue of Cheerleader Concubine's debut album, 'Tentacle Induced Instestinal Displacement'. The album includes 2 bonus tracks taken from the "Four Servings of Human Flesh" split.

Available as Pro-CDr and Digital


1. Slave 2 Da Shoujo (ft. Peach & Kill Bill)
2. Tentacle Induced Intestinal Displacement (ft. Meik / Begging for Incest)
3. Carnivorous Malformation of Melted Vaginal Meat (ft. Spetsnaz / Go-Zen)
4. Preteen Sex Trafficking (ft. Captain StankDank / Bong Rips for Jesus)
5. Aborted Fetus Beauty Pageant (ft. Christian / Beastiality Boys)
6. Spitroasted by Oni (ft. Lennon / Decimated Humans)
7. Divine Reading of Evacuated Bowels (ft. John / Unicorn Hole)
8. Death by a Thousand Nuts (Bukkake Massacre)
9. Constipation Relief through Ritualistic Anal Carving (ft. Evan / Jesus Wept)
10. Harem of Cripples
Bonus Tracks
11. Child Snuff Fuckfest (taken from Four Servings of Human Flesh)
12. Entombed Beneath a Mountain of Mutilated Shrine Maidens (taken from Four Servings of Human Flesh)