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Destroyer 666 - Wildfire


Destroyer 666 - Wildfire (2016)

Renegade black/thrash maniacs DESTROYER 666 return with their long-awaited new manifesto 'Wildfire'. With 'Wildfire', the band deliver one of 2016's most forceful heavy metal albums. Anthemic tracks such as "Traitor", "Live and Burn", "Hounds at ya Back" and the title track are feral, full-on ragers that hunt you down, give no quarter, and leave nothing but ash in their wake. DESTROYER 666 is musical violence incarnate, and 'Wildfire' is epic fucking metal.

1.Traitor 03:39    
2.Live and Burn 04:31    
3.Artigilio Del Diavolo 03:01    
4.Hounds at ya Back 05:14    
5.Hymn to Dionysus 05:49    
6.Wildfire 03:32    
7.White Line Fever 03:29    
8.Die You Fucking Pig 03:00    
9.Tamam Shud 06:58