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Devast - Apocalyptic Human Extinction (Flag)


24 x 24 Inch Poster Flag with grommets on each corner for easy hanging.

Apocalyptic Human Extinction is the 3rd studio release by the Argentina based technical death metal powerhouse, DEVAST. Their newest offering is nothing short of what the bands is known for – Extreme Technical Brutality in the veins of early Severe Torture, Hate Eternal, Hour of Penance, and more

Featuring album art by renown Russian illustrator, Daemorph (The Black Dahlia Murder, Avulsed,
Epicardiectomy) “Apocalyptic Human Extinction” was recorded at Rockoleta Studio and mixed / mastered by Anthropocide Studios (Abominable Putridity, Mortal Torment, Aborted Fetus). The album also includes special guest appearance by Juan Boleyn (Omnipotent Hysteria)

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Chaotic Proliferation
3. Mass Pandemia of Corpses
4. Apocalyptic Human Extinction              
5. Chapter of Neverending Torment
6. Triumphal Colossal Devastation
7. Apocalyptic Human Extinction II
8. Catastrophic BeastSpawn
9. Cataclysmic Cycle
10. Apocalyptic Human Extinction III