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Engrossed - Initial Decay (Cassette)


Engrossed - Initial Decay

Limited cassette

Engrossed is a one man death metal band formed by Hannes D. (Sepolcro, Celebrarian, Tenebro) back in 2017.

After releasing a two track demo in 2018 on tape by his own label Dismal Fate Records, he has been invited to join in a 4 way split called "Into The Bottomless Pit" the year after.

Hannes now in 2020 re mastered all the tracks and recorded an extra cover song for a brand new compilation called "Initial Decay" that will be infesting and rotting your old tape deck thanks to Despise The Sun Records on 100 audio cassettes. Highly influenced by old school 90s US death scene (FFO Cianide and Autopsy). Choose death.