Fetal Disgorge - Mass Female Degradation (Flag)

Fetal Disgorge - Mass Female Degradation (Flag)

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Limited Poster Flag - Measures 24 x 24 Inches and includes grommets for easy hanging

The highly-anticipated debut album by the Arizona's leaders of perversity, Fetal Disgorge, is finally here! The Phoenix-based duo is proud to present their horror-drenched, brutal slamming death metal opus, 'Mass Female Degradation', in the form of a 9 track, 33-minute-long assault. This groovy, blasting offering will enlighten fans of Cephalotripsy, Devourment, Gorvent, and more.

Featuring album art by Mottla Art (Brain Drill, Parasitic Ejaculation, Traumatomy), 'Mass Female Degradation' was produced by Wade Taylor (Atoll) at Filthy Swine Studios in Phoenix, Arizona.

Track List:
1. Torturous Impregnation
2. Dead Girls Do More
3. Phemaldehyde Facelift
4. Raped in Fecal Matter
5. Menstrual Milkshake
6. Fetus Finger Puppets
7. Gimpstick
8. Rabid Bath Salt Baby Injection
9. Mass Female Degradation

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