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Ghostslug - Empyreal Reign of the Slimelord


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In the year 20xx, comes a tale of alien invasion and resistance. Inspired by nostalgia, 80s anime, and blastbeats,  Ghostslug's new EP 'Empyreal Reign of the Slimelord' is a cybergrind opera about humanity's mounting resistance against an intergalactic threat.

FFO: Cock and Ball Torture, XXX Maniak, and Gigantic Brain
Available as Limited CDr & Digital

1. Consumed by Radula
2. Biometrically Infused Perversion
3. Fungalpheliac
4. Enter Mission x2
5. Eternal Epiphragm
6. Photoelectric Emission
7. Slurp!
8. Formulating the Pertinacity of a Malformed Crustacean (Unreleased Demo)