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Hideous Rebirth - La Fosa Comun (Ltd Edt)


Limited Edition Box - Includes CD in exclusive box, A3 Poster, Patch, and Pin. Limited to 100

Death Metal Trio, HIDEOUS REBIRTH is back with the long-awaited sophomore album ‘La Fosa Comun’. Nearly 3 years in the making, ‘La Fosa Comun’ offers 12 blistering tracks of relentless, uncompromising death metal in the veins of (early) Broken Hope, Gorgasm, (early) Vital Remains, and so forth. Ascending to their highest form, HIDEOUS REBIRTH delivers their most punishing efforts to date.

Featuring album art by Tony Koehl (Arkaik, Dehumanized, Putrid Pile), ‘La Fosa Comun’ was recorded by Arturo Acosta at Dark Cauldron Recordings and was once again Mix/Mastered by Justin Loomis at TNS Audio Mastering. The album also includes guest appearance by Frank Zelada (ex Euphoric Defilement, Ossification, Siderate)

Track List:
1. Orgy of Souls
2. Obscured in Blood
3. Haunting Carnal Illusions
4. Ab Insidiis Diaboli
5. Desecration Séance
6. Incandescent Desires
7. Condemned to Silence
8. Flames of Passage
9. Pervasion of Impurity
10. A Shadowing Menace
11. La Fosa Común
12. Ominous Transcendence