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Human Instrumentality Project - LCL Sea


Stillbirth Records is happy to release the US edition of Human Instrumentality Project's debut album, 'LCL Sea'

Debut album by China's up and coming Deathmetal/Deathcore act, Human Instrumentality Project. Based in Guangzhou, HIP composes music inspired by the animation "NEON GENESIS EVANGELION" and by using deathcore, presenting the Evangelion universe across the canvas of their music. ‘LCL Sea’ comes nearly 2 years after the band’s first EP, The Brutal Angel's Thesis, which has helped the band set roots into China's ever blooming Metal scene. The concept of this new album is divided into two chapters, with the first half being comprised of "Angel of Doom" and the latter "Dream", which correspond to the "real world" and "spiritual world" respectively, completing each other. This US Version includes 5 bonus, instrumental tracks.