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Infected Humans - Unexpected Traumatic Experiences (Shirt)

100% Cotton Shirt featuring full color print of "Unexpected Traumatic Experiences" cover

‘Unexpected Traumatic Experiences’ is the debut album by Ecuadorian Sickness, Infected Humans. The album offers 9 tracks of Chaotic Brutal Death Metal, sprinkled with contagious grooves and unexpected melodies. Housed between an unsettling Intro and haunting Outro, the album includes guest vocals by Ewan Lambert (Corpseflesh), Sonny Trujillo (Cadaverous Infest) and Pipo Castellanos (Cafeterasub).

Featuring album art by Inhumar Flesh Media, ‘Unexpected Traumatic Experiences’ was Recorded/Mixed by Claudio Carrasco at Idea Delirante Records, and Mastered by Sasha Borovykh of TsunTsun Productions (Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy, Kraanium, Traumatomy). These devoted servants of extremity are going to put their home country firmly on the death metal map when they unleash the maniacal, addictive insanity of Unexpected Traumatic