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Infected Load - Dripping (Cassette)

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Infected Load - Dripping

Limited Cassette

“Dripping” — the first full-length album from Maine’s old school brutal death metal mangler INFECTED LOAD — is available now on cassette.

Inspired by the guttural slabs of early Cannibal Corpse, Mortician, and Disgorge (Mex), “Dripping” boasts a sound that hearkens back to a time in US death metal when bands were competing for the title of “most brutal.”

The mid-90s underground was teeming with acts such as Gutted Pulp, Splattered Cadaver, Mortal Decay, and Shredded Corpse. Who had the grossest lyrics? Who tuned the lowest? Whose gutturals were the deepest?

Decades later, INFECTED LOAD continues on with that same competitive spirit. With song titles like “Gargling Excrement” and “Urethral Insect Insertion,” alongside a “real gore” album cover, and a sound not unlike the brutality of the nineties, “Dripp