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Infectology - Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment


Infectology - Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment (2016)

“Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment” is the long awaited sophomore album by the Ecuadorian extreme quartet INFECTOLOGY. Since their inception in 2009, the band has been branded as one of the most extreme acts to come out of Ecuador. Since their 2013 debut album “Origin of Pathological Extermination”, INFECTOLOGY has kept busy performing throughout South America along varies underground notaries such as DEVOUORMENT, PUTID PILE, SUPPURATION and will be appearing at Colombia’s “Bogota Grind Death Festival” (W/ LIVIDITY, GORGASM, and more) in 2016.

Featuring cover art by Aghy Purakusuma (Guttural Disease, Reduced, etc.), “Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment” was mixed and mastered by Januaryo Hardy at Insidious Soundlab. The album also includes special guest appearances by Carlos de la Vega (Sanguinary Execution / Gastrorrexis) and Januaryo Hardy (Perverted Dexterity / Cadavoracity)

Track List:
1. Absolute Disembodiment
2. Gorging on Misanthropy
3. Deification of Insanity
4. Forced Unnatural Carnal Knowledge
5. Inhuman Conception
6. Ritualistic Embodiment
7. Dying On Cauldron
8. Inducing Excruciating Pain