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Intellect Devourer - Demons of the Skull (Cassette)


Intellect Devourer - Demons of the Skull

limited cassette

INTELLECT DEVOURER hail from Australia and originally formed in 1991. Two years later, INTELLECT DEVOURER distributed the track titled "Prayer to Thessaly" and in 1994, they followed with the release of the demo Horselustvulgaris. Soon after, INTELLECT DEVOURER broke up.

In 1999, the band reformed and released the Mundus Intellectualis demo. Unfortunately, this reunion would prove to be brief as the band once again split in 2001.

Now, after a reunion gestated in 2012, INTELLECT DEVOURER is finally ready to unleash their full-length Demons of Skull, an inspired nine-track technical death metal beast, written from 1991 onwards, and vastly unchanged.

INTELLECT DEVOURER features members of bands like Cauldron Black Ram, StarGazer, Mournful Congregation, Johnny Touch and others.