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Intestinal Purge - 2022 Sampler (Cassette)


Our yearly Sampler is here - Intestinal Purge (2022) offers 10 tracks taken from our recent and forthcoming releases.

Once again, featuring new album art by our friend, Mei Maro

For the first time, we are pressing our sampler on Cassette. This mix tape will be limited.

While we don't ask you to pay for it, we do ask that you share your new musical discoveries with friends who are also unfamiliar with our bands, our releases, and our label. Sharing music with other is how our bands continue to grow.
Free Bandcamp Download here:

1. Insect Inside - Tormentive Illusions (From the Album 'Into Impending Apotheosis')
2. Necrambulant - Sacramental Murderous Phantasm (From the Album 'A Feast of Festering Flesh')
3. Intestinal Laceration - Embryonic Mutation of Baalcetrorus (From the Album 'Chaotic Eschatological Madness')
4. Paroxysmal Buthcering - Chemically Castrated (From the Album 'Supreme Revulsion')
5. Devoured Elysium - Green Screen Failure (From the Album 'Void Grave')
6. Blasted Pancreas - Hemangiosarcoma (From the Album 'Carcinoma)
7. Party Cannon - 1000% (From the Album 'Volumes of Vomit')
8. Sepsism - Necrotic Flesh Rot (From the Album 'Purulent Decomposition')
9. Schoolgirl Upon Thy Corpse - New Demiurge Rising (From the Album 'Schoolgril' on Toxic Loli Records)
10. Kraanium - Worthless And Vast (From the Album 'No Respect for the Dead')