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Oath of Damnation - Fury and Malevolence (Shirt)


100% Cotton Shirt

Full color Print featuring 'Fury and Malevolence' album cover. Please note, Print is lighter tone of blue. Mock for sample use only

Blackened Death Quartet, OATH OF DAMNATION returns with their sophomore offering, ‘Fury and Malevolence’. At times symphonic, at times progressive, ‘Fury and Malevolence deliver 7 new tracks of high-velocity battering ram of dark Death and Black Metal. For fans of early Dimmu Borgir, Old Mans Child, Graveworm, and more.

Featuring album art by Jenglot Hitam, ‘Fury and Malevolence’ was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andy Kite (Hidden Intent, Meth Leppard, Splatterpuss) at Against the Grain Studio, in Adelaide, Australia.

1. Imhullu
2. The Abortuary
3. Ardenti Haereticus
4. With Fire And Malevolence
5. To Crack The Earth And Bring Down The Sky
6. In Death’s Dominion
7. I Curse Thee, O’ Lord!