Pathology - Throne Of Reign (Cassette)

Pathology - Throne Of Reign (Cassette)

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Pathology - Throne Of Reign (2014) Limited cassette format of the latest offering from the brutes in PATHOLOGY! The new album features 9 new tracks with guest appearance of Ralph Santolla (Iced Earth, Deicide, Obituary), Shaune Kelly (Flesh Consumed, Ripping Corpse, Hate Eternal) and good friend Christiani Peluso (Coprocephalic). Album cover is done once again by Par Olofsson and will be the bands 8th studio album.

1. Harvest
2. Throne of reign
3. Below the Root
4. Relics Past
5. Alone
6. Above Atmosphere
7. Bavarian Illuminati
8. Preparing for Blood
9. Members

Cassette limited to 200 units worldwide!

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