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Phalloplasty - Necrophagic Funeral Ritual (Redux)


Phalloplasty - Necrophagic Funeral Ritual - Redux (2016)

Debut album of Las Vegas based One Man Brutal Slam, Phalloplasty, completely redone!

While the original press of 300 stands at sold out, the redux version features album art by the mighty Nev of Gruesome Graphx (Nephrectomy, Scatorgy, Swine Overlord) and was re-recorded, mixed, and mastered by the one-man operation at Shaw Audio Works. Housed in a limited 4 panel digipak

Track list is as follows:
1. Butchered for Sustenance
2. The Sick Room
3. Cannabis Induced Cannibalism
4. Liquefaction Necrosis
5. The Sadist Manifesto
6. Bound and Bludgeoned
7. Mastication of Dead Cunts
8. Tenderizing Fetal Flesh
9. Drill Bit Lobotomy (The Dahmer Song)
10. Intracranial Ejaculation
11. Curb Stompin the Scene Kids
12. Drenched in Gasoline (Putrid Pile)