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Pus - Cases of Death (Vinyl)

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Pus - Cases of Death

PUS'(Fin) 'Cases Of Death' was originally just an inside project for 2 guys and there wasn't supposed to be any further releases. The release was a consequence of Eruption's (a grindcore band) disband around Y2K. The sound and lyrical content was heavily influenced by Cannibal Corpse and Macabre and guess you can hear some hints of 90's grindcore there as well. But after given it a bit of thougt, Jarkko & Jarkko ( both plays also in TORSOFUCK ) decided to establish a real live band and it was decided, that the band would start fresh with new songs, members and a direction, but the name of the band would still stay the same, PUS. And this is what happened, but 'Cases Of Death' seemed to start living a life of its own and somehow it seems, that even today it has the most recognition and exposure. We hope this new remastered release will help it to take it even further!Guest Vokills on 3 Songs by Mikko Friberg of Torsofuck !!!