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Putrid Pile - Live At Obscene Extreme 2011

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From the bowels of Trutnov, Czech Republic and Obscene Extreme Festival comes Putrid Pile's very first live DVD, "Putrid Pile - Live At Obscene Extreme 2011"!!! This insanely brutal release from the one man crushing machine Putrid Pile, has captured the feel and vibe of Putrid Pile's live shows and is sure not to disappoint any of the fans of the band that have been there from the start or have hopped on the Putrid Pile brutal death metal freight train recently. This DVD features the whole 30 min. ear-pounding set of the band with some of the numbers being "Shit Bodypainting", "Food For The Maggots", "Blood Runs Red", as well as material from the Putrid Pile/Viral Load Split AND a couple brand new songs from the yet to be released forth album "Blood Fetish". So there are songs for fans of the band that span the whole career, reaching back from the start to the very most recent and yet to be released installments. Also as a bonus feature the whole Putrid Pile Obscene Extreme set from 2008 will be added in the bonus features section.