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Scordatura - Mass Failure (Green Vinyl)

Vinyl Version:

Limited to 300 Pieces

100 Green
200 Standard Black

Scottish Death Metallers, Scordatura, have returned with their third studio album entitled ‘Mass Failure’. The latest offering showcases nine new blistering tracks of pure, rigorous Death Metal. ‘Mass Failure’ was built over the strongest elements made for the group’s sophomore album, ‘Self-Created Abyss’. The outcome is best defined as the band’s greatest album to date.

Displaying album art by Mark Erskine of Erskine Designs (Display of Decay, Hideous Divinity, Irreversible Mechanism), ‘Mass Failure’ was Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Samuel Turbitt at Ritual Studios (Inebrious Incarnate, Ageless Oblivion, Unfathomable Ruination). Inspired by real-life chaos, corruption, and disorder, ‘Mass Failure’ is the Death Metal Soundtrack of 2020.