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Scumpulse - Rotten (T-Shirt)

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Scottish quartet, SCUMPULSE has come to unleash one of the most anticipated albums to come from the Gore House compound. ‘Rotten’ delivers eight punishing tracks of perfectly blended blackened-grind. The “Carcass meets Darkthrone” style can be best described as a savage, bone-crushing, sonic assault.

Featuring art by Kasper “Sandullos” Povlsen, ‘Rotten’ was recorded between Black Cave Recordings, Chamber Studios and s9fifty, and mixed/mastered by Andrew Rankine. Be forewarned, ‘Rotten’ the debut album not to miss.

Alba Gu Bràth
Broken Reflection
Gnawed By Pigs
King Of Dogshit
Pure Jakebawlocaust
Wage Decay
Sand And Dust