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Scumslaught - Knives and Amphetamines (Cassette)


Scumslaught - Knives and Amphetamines

Limited Cassette

Hailing from France, SCUMSLAUGHT formed during the cursed year of 2020. A power-trio in the grandest tradition, the band features in its ranks underground veterans: Leo Brard (ex-Cadaveric Fumes), Kev Desecrator (Destroyer 666, Venefixion, Sépulcre), and Jon Whiplash (ex-Skelethal, Sépulcre). Not surprisingly, SCUMSLAUGHT's sound surges with a comparable nastiness most/all those aforementioned bands are renown for, but with influences firmly in the vein of Canada's Slaughter, the almighty Discharge, and modern torchbearers Nekrofilth - and, for good measure, a bit of Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost - this is a rabidly different feast.

Somewhere at that ungodly nexus of proto-blackthrash, ancient metalpunk, and general '80s underground chaos lies SCUMSLAUGHT's debut mini-album, Knives and Amphetamines. Not for nothing is the nine-song/23-minute assault on good taste titled as such: no one is spared SCUMSLAUGHT's caustic view of the world, where lawlessness and disorder and degeneracy run rampant. The filth flies fast and free, hard-charging and headbanging with a get-in/get-out efficiency of songcraft that simply heightens the inherent catchiness of their anti-anthems. But rest assured (six feet under) that Knives and Amphetamines is no feel-good record; in fact, SCUMSLAUGHT want you to FEEL BAD.