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Sikfuk - Diarrhea Duet


Goregrind Powerhouse SIKFUK returns with the highly anticipated album entitled ‘Diarrhea Duet’. SIKFUK’s first full-length album in nearly 10 years! The Doo Doo Duo’s latest offering comes baring 15 new tracks of Scat-Inspired Riffage, Guttural and Pitch Shift Noise, and a Sonic Smegmatic Grove. For fans of The Toxic Avenger Films, 90’s Wrestling, and Polka Dance.

‘Diarrhea Duet’ features album art by fellow Grinder, Jesse Rodriguez (Machete Dildo), and was Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by “The Weed King” at The Lion’s Den Recording Studio, in Madison, WI. Get ready for a Binge-worthy album, perfect for any Porcelain Throne

Track List:

1. Fecal Position
2. Pee Hole vs. Skene Gland
3. Shit Limp
4. Diarrhea for Days
5. Porn Hub Whiskey Dick
6. Toxic Twat
7. Poo Sack Jack / Shit Shake Jake
8. Booger Fingers
9. Poopa Tupa Scat Dance
10. Poo Poo Pee Pee
11. Audio Bitch
12. Shit Covered Dildo
13. Gizmo Caca
14. Monster Ass Menstrual Shits
15. Menstrual Cup Massacre