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Stages of Decomposition - Crawl Space Burial


Since their highly acclaimed debut album “Piles of Rotting Flesh”, STAGES OF DECOMPOSITION has kept busy on the road. Since 2014, the band has performed at various festivals such as Bay Area Death Fest (Northern California), Bogota Grind Death Fest (Colombia), Philthadelphia Infest (Philadelphia, PA), SLAM FEST (Mexico City, Mexico), as well as toured the states coast to coast in under 10 days!

Today, STAGES OF DECOMPOSITION has taken a quick brake before their summer tour plans to deliver 3 new punishing tracks, serving as glimpse of what fans can expect for their forthcoming sophomore album.

Featuring art work by Rotten Head Designs, “Crawl Space Burial” was recorded, mixed and mastered once again by Christopher Garcia at the Morgue Music Studios (Euphoric Defilement, Bloodscribe, Cranial Engorgement), in Inglewood, CA. This E.P. also includes special guest appearance by none other than Angel Ochoa (Disgorge, Cephalotripsy, EX-Condemned), plus a bonus track taken from their 2015 Bay Area Death Fest performance.

Track list:
1. Killing Under Possession
2. Carve out the Eyes
3. Crawl Space Burial
4. Devoured and Defecated by Swine (Live at Bay Area Deathfest 2015)