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Stages of Decomposition - Raptures of Psychopathy (Cassette)


Limited Cassette Edition

Stages of Decomposition - Raptures of Psychopathy

Dive into the abyss of sonic brutality with Stages of Decomposition's latest studio offering, ‘Raptures of Psychopathy’; the highly anticipated sophomore album by the LA-based slamming powerhouse. Influenced by the raw intensity of Dying Fetus, the brutality of Suffocation, and the slam-infused chaos of Kraanium, this album promises to deliver an onslaught of ferocious guitar work, pounding drums, and guttural vocals, creating an atmosphere of unbridled aggression.

"Raptures of Psychopathy" is an eleven-track masterpiece that delves into the disturbed minds of those falling into psychopathic tendencies. Each song encapsulates the murderous essence of true crime, drawing inspiration from infamous figures like Vaughn Greenwood, Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer, and more. The lyrics vividly portray the descent into madness, providing a harrowing yet strangely pleasurable experience as individuals revel in the ecstasy of their psychopathic ways. Get ready to be swept away by the brutal groove of Stages of Decomposition - this is death metal at its most savage.