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Thanatology - La Clinica de lo Grotesco (Cassette)


Limited to 200 Blue Shell Cassettes

Short after THANATOLOGY’s demo was released, the Mexican Medical Grinders returned to the studio for a strong follow up. As their “infirmary squad” grew, the doctors had no choice but to give fans what they were raving for. And thus, THANATOLOGY delivered 6 new tracks of their signature medical grind.

Featuring album art once again by master Illustrator and vocalist Dr. Bautista, “La Clinica De Lo Grotesco" was recorded, mix and mastered by Arturo Leon and Thanatology at Signature Sound Studios. San Diego CA. This EP also includes special guest appearance by Edward Talorda (Disgorge)

Track List:
1. Del 51 Al 25
2. La Clinica De Lo Grotesco
3. El Escuadron De Enfermeria
4. El Residente Anestesiologo
5. Protocolo Quirurgico
6. Grotesco Destroncamiento De Cavidades Toracica Y Abdominal

(Tracks repeat on both sides)