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Thanatology - Logo / Yellow (T-Shirt)

Sold out

100% Cotton Shirt

In celebration of Thanatology's first 10 years since their debut demo, we bring you our exclusive Thanatology shirt design featuring the bands logo in Yellow print and "Grind Metalico Forense - Est. 1998" print on the back. Not available anywhere else!

The Mexican Medical Grinders, THANATOLOGY made their official debut with “Grind Metalico Forense” in 2006. This 4 track demo helped established their almost 2-decade long assault of “punishing array of blast beats and vocal shrieks". The then young medical team consisted of Dr. Bautista on vocal and Dr. Pico on all instruments. The demo which is currently sold out, now makes its way to analog for the first time, capturing the essence this old school death / grindcore demo was meant to have.

Track List:
1. Eterodoxo ejercicio de Incisiones en Region Troncal
2. Traumatica Perforacion en la Pared Posterior del Recto
3. Dolosa Extirpasion Quirurgica de Organo Reproductor Masculino
4. Fatidica Fractura de Boveda Craneal

(Tracks repeat on both sides)