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Tormentor Tyrant - Tormentor Tyrant


Tormentor Tyrant - Tormentor Tyrant

There might be a dozen 'Tormentors' and twice as many 'Tyrants' but there is only ONE Tormentor Tyrant! An ageless entity of evil that feeds on the endless suffering of the whole of humanity!
Featuring members from Corpsessed, Solothus, Tyranny, Profetus and Cataleptic, the finnish trio debuts with a thrashing and grinding EP of furious and primordial Death Metal.

The band was born late 2020, but perhaps the seeds of the idea can be traced back even a few years earlier to some obscure drunken nights when the trio had the innocent idea of "how cool would it be to just jam some early Deicide songs together".
S. (guitar/vocals) & J. (drums) have a long history of playing together in different bands (Cataleptic, Solothus) and they had the interest on bringing in M. (Corpsessed, Tyranny, Profetus) on bass/vocals to complete the line-up for this new band, and things quickly evolved into crafting their own material rather than playing just cover songs.
Sonically, Tormentor Tyrant hails back to the days of late 80s and early 90s when Death Metal was at its infant stages and was not yet that indistinguishable from Thrash Metal, but rather walked hand in hand. The band draws back to the time when metal was evil, and when bands created mythologies and pantheons of their own, and takes great influence from the first albums & demos of bands like Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, also form the abrupt and unhinged bands of South America and Europe of the same era.
The self-titled EP, recorded in June 2021, is the band's first release. No extreme down-tuning, no mysticality - Just sheer unrelenting evil violence in the old way!

For fans of Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Skeletal Remains, Laceration.