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Torn the Fuck Apart - A Genetic Predisposition to Violence


Kansas City Brutal Death Deviants, TORN THE FUCK APART return with their fourth full-length album, ‘A Genetic Predisposition to Violence’. The highly anticipated studio offering comes baring 10 new tracks of T.T.F.A.’s technical/brutal death blend. ‘A Genetic Predisposition to Violence’ is the perfect album for any horror soundtrack fanatic; captivating listeners from start to finish, leave you in a state of gruesome sonic delight.

Features album art by Director/Effects Artist/Illustrator, Jeffrey Sisson (Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Origin), ‘A Genetic Predisposition to Violence’ was Recorded and mixed by Adam Mitchell, Ty Scott at Hammerfarm Studios (Troglodyte) in Lawrence, KS., and Mastered by Robert Rebeck (Origin, Tech N9NE, Unmerciful). Be ready for an array of Melodic and Technical Death Metal Bliss.

Track List:
1. It Jammed the Woodchipper
2. Invitation Homicide
3. These Pliers Are Terrible for Pulling Teeth
4. In the Confines of Fear
5. Dad's Head for Dinner
6. Abhorrent Existence
7. Boiled, Chopped and Slopped
8. Collection Complete
9. The Object of Obsession
10. Compulsion to Torture